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About FDT

Fantasy Dance Troupe is a nonprofit corporation and shall be operated exclusively for educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code. 


Fantasy Dance Troupe will serve its community by volunteering with performances, showcases, representation, and more. Fantasy Dance Troupe comprises selected teams that showcase Character & Folk, traditional, and various cultural dances around the Bay Area.



Fantasy Dance Troupe aims to unite the community through dance and share and pass on these dances and cultures' essential values and traditions. 



Fantasy Dance Troupe is passionate about bringing communities together through dance and performing arts. Dance is a language through which so many individuals and groups can connect. Fantasy Dance Troupe strives to bring people together to enjoy, appreciate, and see the beauty in various cultures through dance.

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The Board
Leonid Kegulskiy, MSCS, President

As a recognized expert in the field of multimedia software, Mr. Kegulskiy has over 30 years of product design experience at companies such as Ring Zero Systems, C-Cube, Dazzle, Emuzed, Luminate, and LitePoint. As Board President of Fantasy Dance Troupe, Leonid looks forward to helping grow Fantasy Dance Troupe to reach newer audiences and expand its impact on our community. With his expertise and experience, Leonid hopes to allow Fantasy Dance Troupe to reach new heights to be able to provide more opportunities for members throughout their time here. When he's not FDTroupe's repairman, you can find Leonid taking joyrides on his motorcycle down the freeway or traveling on new adventures with his family. 

Dorit Gousinov,

Dorit Gousinov joins the FDT board as a Treasurer. Working in the dance world for over 13 years, she holds valuable experience in managing budgets and finances, running organization-wide programs, and working closely with staff and patrons alike. Dorit is incredibly passionate about building community and is very excited to take on this new responsibility within the Fantasy Dance family. Outside her role, Dorit enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with her daughter and husband. She is very grateful for all of the opportunities that FDT provides and cannot wait to jump into the school year.

Sarah Monreal,

Sarah Monreal is excited to join our Fantasy Dance Troupe as the Board Secretary. As a current dance teacher and choreographer, Sarah is passionate about instilling community and artistry through each dancer's journey. With her experience as a Program Director, Sarah brings a heavy emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and community. Sarah believes firmly in the mission of Fantasy Dance Troupe and its opportunities to help spread beautiful appreciation and awareness of various cultural dances and cultures to audiences while allowing students to grow in their passions. In her free time, Sarah enjoys taking dance classes with friends, reading, and exploring restaurants all over the Bay Area. She looks forward to this fantastic new chapter while working with the most wonderful people! 

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